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Eden McCain
[ooc: Adapted from an AIM log with Mohinder-mun.]

The best and the worst you can beCollapse )


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"And the precog?"

"Bring him in."

So Eden will. Did this particular precog paint her death? Yes. Is she a strong confident woman who won't let a little thing like that stop her? Yes. (A voice in her head whispers No, but that's the voice of her insecurities. She knows it well. She can ignore it. She has a job to do.) She hops the subway and keeps her mind full of the mission – as much of the mission as she can without thinking about a certain bar at the end of the universe.

She arrives at the studio of Isaac Mendez, wearing a casual outfit, and knocks on the door. Part of her hopes he won't even remember her.


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They've just finished watching Scrubs. Eden's legs are tucked up, close to Mohinder to steal glances at the Laptop of Non-Helpfulness. Nothing he's doing has worked and it's killing him.

But that's what the best sitcoms America has to offer are for - bringing him back to life. Also life-giving is tea. The kettle whistles in the kitchen. "On it!" she chirps, dashing to the nearby room.


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Eden dressed quietly – she knows how to do it from long experience. She snuck out – she knows the creaky spots on the floor. It's one of the first things she found out. She was looking for distractions. She needed them so badly, once upon a time. For obvious You know what won't hurt me, Eden reasons.

Mohinder needs his sleep. He's doing so much lately (so much of it dangerous). That's the reason for all the secrecy. Well, one of the reasons.

Now she's hidden away in a booth. She has two large glasses of water with brushes sticking out. A sponge. Some paper towel. Some paints. A pencil. A big piece of water-colour paper. A post-card rests against a glass, facing her.

She's currently sketching what's on the card. Judging from her frown, it isn't going as well as she'd hoped.
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The endCollapse )


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